Our Story

The Artist Co-op was created by the need for an artistic community in New York City.  The founder, Rachel Berger, was inspired by the coworking trends for tech and startup industries, which have many similarities to the arts community. As an artist, she defines herself as a slasher (ie. actress/producer/blogger as well as a barre employee/babysitter/producing assistant/dog walker/etc).  She found that there was no space that supported all of these titles. No longer wanting to waste money at coffee shops and dingy rehearsal rooms, she delved into deep thinking, on why she believes a coworking space for performing artists must exist:

Investing in yourself as an artist

Building an intentional community

Creating dynamic synergy in a tangible

The Artist Co-op officially opened on May 15th, 2017 in Hell's Kitchen. Everyday we continue to grow our community, which includes Musicians, Dancers, Set, Costume & Lighting Designers, Directors, Playwrights, Actors, Publishers, Managers, Producers, Filmmakers, and so much more. Join us in creating a supportive network of multi-hyphenate artists/makers/creators.

Our Mission

We create a thriving environment to nurture the innate multidisciplinary nature of the artist community.


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